Coaching Staff


Fred Siegle – Club Director


Fred Siegle – Club Director

Dan Sempkowski- Girl’s Club Director/Co-Technical Director/Recruit Coordinator [Georgian Court University Head Coach]

Pedro Trevino- Boy’s Club Director/Co-Technical Director/Boy’s Recruit Coordinator [Rutgers Newark Men’s Head Coach, Director of VB Operations Rutgers Newark]

Colleen Mangoniello- Club Treasurer

Jessica Sipili- Administrative Assistant



Lead Practice/Drills Coaches

Brennon Dyer – Lead Boy’s Practice Coach/Clinician [NJIT Men’s VB Assistant Coach]

Dan Sempkowski- Lead Girl’s Practice Coach/Clinician [Georgian Court U VB Head Coach]

Pedro Trevino- Boy’s Practice Coach/Clinician [RU Newark Head Men’s Coach]

Monica Slattery- [Christian Brothers Academy Head Coach]

Brett Killman- [Ocean Community College Head Coach]

Shannon Slattery- [Brookdale Community College Assistant Coach]

Jen Kelemen- [Ocean Community College Assistant Coach]

Bob McDonald- [Former Penn State athlete]

Graig Domanski- [Former Rutgers Prep/Bridewater Coach]

Brian Kelly- [Athlete at Boston College Club team]

Dan Nugent- [Former Virginia Tech Club athlete]

Oren Zyndorf- [Former NJIT athlete, playing professionally in Israel]

Sean Kelly- [Former Rutgers Club athlete]

Neil Slattery- [Former Rutgers Club athlete]

Jared Himelfarb- [Former Rutgers Club athlete]

Allister Matthews- [Former Springfield College athlete]



Girls’ Team Assignments 2016-17

18 Girl’s Co-Coach- Brennon Dyer- [NJIT Men’s Assistant Coach]

18 Girl’s Co-Coach- Melanee Coleman-  [Georgian Court University Athlete, Warren Sixpack Coach(2 years)]

17 National Coach- Rachel Cagnina [Rutger’s Newark Women’s & Men’s Graduate Assistant Coach]

16 National Coach-Dan Sempkowski- [Georgian Court University Head Coach]

16 National Assistant Coach- Anabelle Barinas [Former Georgian Court University Athlete, Warren Sixpack Coach(3 years)]

16 Regional 1 Coach-Taylor Winchester- [Georgian Court University Athlete, Warren Sixpack Coach(2 years)]

16 Regional 2 Coach- Jackie Reilly- [Brookdale CC Athlete, Warren Sixpack Coach(2 years)]

15 National Co-Coach- Kyle Strausburgh-  [Brookdale CC Assistant Coach]

15 National Co-Coach- Amanda Strausburgh-  [Brookdale CC Head Coach]

15 Regional Coach- Jessica Sipili- [Georgian Court University Athlete, Warren Sixpack Coach(1 year)]

15 Regional Asst. Coach- Ireland Beal [Ocean CC Athlete]

14 Girl’s Coach- Andrew Hopman [Old Bridge HS Varsity Boy’s & Girl’s Head Coach]

12 Girl’s Co-Coach- Colleen Mangoniello

12 Girl’s Co-Coach- Mara Domanski [Former Rutgers University Athlete]

Fill-in / Practice Coach- Jason Ulrich- [Georgian Court University Assistant Coach]

Fill-in / Practice Coach Zak Robben –  [NJIT Men’s Graduate Assistant Coach

Fill-in / Practice Coach- Ally Latourette- [Brookdale CC Athlete, Warren Sixpack Coach(2 years)]

Fill-in / Practice Coach Jackie Sweeney-  [Georgian Court University Athlete]

Fill-in / Practice Coach Morgan Schweitzer- [Rutgers Newark Athlete, Warren Sixpack Coach(2 years)]



Boys’ Team Assignments 2015-2016

2016-17 Boy’s Coaching Assignments will be made in the near future as all teams are finalized.

Krys Pescinski- 18-1 Head Coach [Former Rutgers Club Athlete]

Travis Haynes- 18-2 Head Coach [Former Rutgers Club Athlete]

Fred Siegle- 17-1 Head Coach [15+ Years Warren Sixpack Coach]

Justin Sandy- 17-2 Head Coach [Rutgers Newark Athlete]

John Bracco- 17-3 Head Coach [15+ Coaching experience various clubs]

Kevin Froehlich- 16-1 Head Coach [Former Rutgers Club Athlete]

Ricky Crumlish- 16-2 Head Coach [Rutgers Newark Athlete]

Brennon Dyer- 15-1 Co-Head Coach [NJIT Men’s Assistant Coach]

Colleen Mangoniello- 15-1 Co-Head Coach

Brennon Dyer- 14-1 Head Coach [NJIT Men’s Assistant Coach]