Most frequent questions and answers for GIRLS Teams (2018-2019)

National teams: will practice 4-6 hours each week, play 4-6 local (New Jersey/New York/Pa.) 

  • one-day tournaments
  • and 3-5 multi-day travel tournaments:
    • MLK weekend; President’s Day weekend;
    • Irish Rumble, Easter{16N/17N),
    • and Memorial Day (15N-17N)).

Regional teams: practice 4-5 hours each week, play 4-6 local one-day tournaments, 1-2 multi-day travel tournaments (of the above listed tournaments.)
Local teams: practice roughly 2.5-3 hours each week at CBA, and may play 1 scrimmage tournaments per 10-week session at CBA.

We intend to field teams that are competitive in local, regional, and national events. 

Our boys teams are among the best in the nation. We plan to build the girls club to that same level. We will develop players and help them reach their highest potential. We will train our girls teams with similar techniques and philosophies that our boys teams use. Our training has helped many boys move on to play in college (seen in our “Alumni” Section).

National teams will be between $2,100-$2,300 for the season (November – the end of May) with possible reductions based on tournament schedule.

Regional teams will between $1,500 and $1,800 (depending on playing schedule).

Our 14’s (and younger) will have reduced costs, and not as much travel as our older teams.  The cost estimation for pre-HS teams is around $1200.

Local teams $300 for each 10-week session.

Tournament and travel fees include but are not limited to:

  • Tournament registration fees,
  • coach’s tournament salary,
  • coach’s meal stipend,
  • coach’s travel expenses,
  • coach’s room.

Parents are responsible for travel expenses for the player. Fees also cover all practices and equipment.

The club will set up hotel blocks for the overnight tournaments.

Parents are responsible for getting players to and from all tournaments (we will assist in setting up carpools when necessary).

Players are expected to stay at the hotel blocks we set up.

Many travel tournaments are “Stay to play” and we have to have everyone stay as a group with the hotels the tournament sets up.

We try to stay at affordable hotels (approx. $100 or less a night) with a free breakfast.

No, but it is encouraged.

If parents don’t attend, players without parents will be grouped together 2 or 3 to a room and their parents share the cost.

Chaperones will be assigned to each team at each tournament to help oversee the players.

After each age group’s try-out, selections are made for each team (National, Regional). You will be asked at the tryout where you would like to be placed (but still will have to earn that spot) and will be notified by email.

We will follow GEVA rules for acceptance. Notes:

1) Selections can be made at any time during the try-out period.

2) Players may choose to be “Practice only” players on teams if there is room and the player qualifies. Up to 12 players and 3 alternates may be selected for each National & Regional travel team (but we expect to have about 10 players per team). Local teams may have up to 10 players.

Most of our National/Regional teams have between 9 and 11 athletes.  We will not put more than 12 athletes on a team.

Regional teams will ensure that all athletes have a “role” on their team.  That does not mean equal playing time for all, but we will not bring athletes to tournaments to sit.

National team playing time will be dictated by the coaching staff of that team.

Our local teams will have equal playing time for any sort of scrimmage tournament.

Warren Sixpack does not cut athletes.  

Players who don’t make travel teams will be offered a spot in the local program. We will try to find a place for every player who wants to play.  This is a fundamental philosophy that was set when the club was founded in 1978.