2019 Boys & Girls Summer Clinic program ! (June 23 – August 21)

2019 Summer Clinic program for Boys & Girls!

Dates:  June 23 – August 21, 2019

Summer Clinics will start around June 23rd, until August 21st.
Every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday night:
– 1st session – 5:30PM – 7:30PM
– 2nd session – 7:30Pm – 9:30PM

******* No Clinics during week of July 4 *********


Boys and girls summer programs are for players who want to learn how to play volleyball or further improve their volleyball playing skills through clinics and practices.
These programs are also good for players that want to prepare for tryouts for their school volleyball teams and club programs.
Clinics will include work on individual skills (setting, defense, hitting, etc.) and some game play. Players will be separated by age/skill level.
Participants choose their days/ times for participation, it can be any combination of days/ times the player wants based on their practice level selection.


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