Local Tournaments

We enter our teams in junior or men’s division tournaments in New Jersey leading up to high school season.

Playing time

Our teams are usually between 9 or 10 players, to make sure everyone gets some playing time.  Players all see the court at local tournaments, although it may not be equal playing time. At National and  Bid tournaments, our goal is to have the team compete at the highest level and coaches will play a roster to support this goal. However, we don’t bring players to travel tournaments that wouldn’t play. This also takes specialization into account – not all players would get back row (for hitting specialists) or front row (for defensive specialists) playing time. Our intention is to place players on teams where they will have the most court time for their skill and position.

What Your Son Gets as Part of Warren Sixpack

Most Warren players go on to play in college – many at the NCAA division I, II or III level, others at NAIA schools, and others at the club level.  We also prepare our players for their high school season and many of players who play for Warren become the best players in the state. The All-State teams from the last 20 years have been dominated by Warren players. We attribute this to the phenomenal coaching they receive and also because they get to compete with the best players in the east coast region and even nation (at nationals). Warren players get an experience that will help them later in life, and a group of friends that will be a part of their lives well past their years with the teams.

Travel Costs

Parents are responsible for travel costs (hotel and air fare) where required. If parents don’t attend a tournament with players, we’ll set up car pools/help find rides. Players would room with 2-3 other players and share the hotel costs. Chaperones approved by USAV are assigned to each team to help keep an eye on the players who are there without parents. Please do not set up your own hotel for travel tournaments – we set up room blocks at the travel tournaments to get the best possible price. We generally won’t stay at top (costly) hotels, but also not at the cheapest. It’s important for the team members to be together both for team bonding and logistics. The hotels don’t have to be awesome, just a place to sleep and hopefully with a free breakfast. Most of the tournaments we go to require us to use a block they set up as well.