Summer program Sunday June 14

There’s a charity function using the gym at CBA until 3:30 on Sunday, so we can only have one time slot, 4-6 p.m., this week. Let me know if you can attend it. I’ll also post names here and on the schedule.

Attending for sure Sunday 4-6: Alyssa Torres; Ben Fryc; Konrad Bieniek; Brenna Kokkinis; Matt Nikishin; Justin Winch; Fran Lavelle; Dominic Esposito; Brian Downey; Mattison Culver; Laura L’Amoreaux; Dan Cutaneo; Serena Cutaneo; Grif Fieseler; Krish Baskaran; Alec Amburg.  (Others may still attend).

Confirmed attending Monday 5:30 to 7:30: Stephanie Mondella; Celina Mendez.

Thanks, Fred