Boys upcoming events/clinics/tryouts

We will  be having clinics open to boys and girls players for the next couple weeks.
FOR BOYS: we’ll have  clinics for players that will be trying out for travel teams for the next couple weeks : Sundays and tuesdays 6-839 pm at Cba. Tryouts  will be sept 9 (makeup sept 16, but please make every effort to be there on the 9, if you can’t please let me know asap). 16s (sophomores) will be 12-230; 17s and 18s (juniors and seniors) will be from 3-530, 14s and 15s (freshmen and below) will be 10-1230.
The clinics in August and on sept 4 will be will be Sundays and tuesdays from 6-830. No clinic sept 2 which is part of Labor Day weekend.
You can sign up for the practices and tryouts by using the payment buttons below the news feed on this website. it’s $125 for both or $100 for just the tryout. The $100 will be deducted from the travel team or fall clinic program costs for the year, so the actual cost for everything between now and the team selection is actually just $25.

For more information contact club director Fred Siegle,