1) What are the fees? What do the fees cover?

For the top travel teams, $2,200 for the year; for the second teams, between $1400 and 1,700 depending on the travel tournaments the teams agree to go to. For the 11-week practice (local) teams, $350 for each 11 week session. The fees mainly cover practices and tournament fees. It also covers uniforms, a share of the
coach's expenses (travel, etc.), and misc. other things such as balls,
administrative costs, etc. National  teams will go to 3-5 bid tournaments (travel tournaments where teams can earn a spot in the open division at US AV nationals) depending on player's School exam schedules which sometimes conflict with tournaments. Bid tournaments include California starting January 8, Chicago or Rochester over Martin Luther King weekend, Nittany invitational (formerly Penn State)  the last weekend in January or early February (official date tba as of sept. 2015 (17/18s), Fort Lauderdale (formerly Daytona) the last weekend in January (14s, 15s and 16s, possibly 17s and 18s if Nittany is different),   Gateway (St. Louis) presidents weekend (Feb. 13-15), The JVA championships the last weekend in February, and the east coast championships over memorial day weekend.  NOTE: It has been Warren Sixpak policy since it's inception that every player who wants to play volleyball should be able to participate, regardless of ability to pay. Fundraising opportunities are available to cover club fees. Contact Fred, Dan or Colleen for information.
2) What does my son get by playing for Sixpack? At every level, he'll get practices with top coaches (college coaches Pedro Trevino of Rutgers Newark, Dan Goncalves and Brennan Dyer of  NJIT, Fred Siegle of Brookdale, and Dan Sempkowski of Georgian Court College will  be helping run practices in 2015/16) other coaches have college playing experience and most have at least  several years coaching club). He'll also play a National Level of competition and practice with the best players in the state and will compete against the best players and teams in the country. Most of our players go on to play in college (see the alumni list on the main page) and we have contact with virtually every college program and coaches. He'll also get a lifetime of friendship with teammates.

3) Will my son play?
We generally will have 9-10 players per team and at the younger age groups (up to 16-under) we try to have all players get a fair share of playing time. Older teams and National level teams that are in more competitive situations probably will have less equal distribution, but we try not to place players in situations where they won't have a role on the team. Of course, at any tournament situation a coach may have to adjust playing time in order to strive to win. We may also place a player on a team with an agreement between player, coaches and parents that playing time may be sparse, but only with pre-agreement.

What other items would be an additional cost? Insurance, uniforms,
 Players have to register with geva, the governing body for USA
volleyball in New Jersey. About $50, that covers insurance for the players when they practice and play. We provide the team shirts.
5) What are the main travel tournaments? For the top teams: California Jan. 8-10; Possibly Rochester or Chicago (Martin Luther King weekend) For ages 16-under Fort Lauderdale  Florida on the last weekend in January; For 18 and 17-unders Penn State The last weekend in January/first weekend in February; For all ages the Gateway Festival in St. Louis Presidents weekend; For all ages the Junior volleyball championships the last weekend in February; for all ages the East Coast Championships Memorial Day weekend in Richmond, Va.; and Nationals (for 2016 in Dallas, Texas, late June/early July, depending on the ages). The second teams in each age could do a combination of any of the other tournaments (to be determined by the teams when they are selected.)

6) What would be expenses that aren't covered by the team fees?
 Travel! For the top teams, I would say to expect about $900 -1100 for flying (that doesn't
include parents – the biggest chunk of that is the California
tournament and Nationals), and also the cost of hotels at the travel tournaments. For the second teams the cost is much less because they don't fly to California and might only have one or two tournaments that require flying. The team fees do not include travel expenses (airfare, hotel, meals, etc.).
7) It appears that the tournaments are basically in January and February,
and then Regionals and Nationals are at the end of the school year. Is
this to avoid tournaments during the school volleyball season?
We pretty
much don't do tournaments during the school season but will have
practices on Sunday every 2-3 weeks during that time (and more often as
we get closer to the Richmond Tournament at the end of May). It's possible there might be a
tournament in late April/early May if the kids were able to do it.
8) We're really not sure at what level our son could be placed, so we
have no idea if we are looking to prepare for the first team (and
associated costs) or something lower that would require less travel

There are always new players who haven't done this
before, and we would keep the participation at a level they would be
comfortable with. If your son is a candidate for the top teams, we will let you know. In general, players and teams start on a more regional level and do about 5 local
(new jersey/new york/pa.) one-day tournaments between December
and March. The travel tournaments they would do would be the JVA in Harrisburg Pa.
2-day for 14-under, 15-under, and 16-under teams) and Richmond in May. So the actual team-related fees for that
group would be closer to $1400 (and the majority of that is for practices). As the team members become more
involved and also improve, the participation level would probably rise,
especially for the players who show the most improvement. 

9) Do parents typically travel
with the team member? Do you require a parent? Do they typically travel
together as a team w/o parents?
 Players are expected to be in their parent's hotel rooms. We'll have some players that travel without
their parents, but generally most parents do travel. We have the players
without parents share rooms and the related expenses, and have
chaparones to keep an eye on them. For tournament arrival (non-flying),
we just have everyone get there when they can (in general, for the
travel tournaments that start on a Saturday, everyone needs to get there
on Friday – we set up the hotels, nearly everyone stays in the same
hotels (and most travel tournaments have hotels they require us to use).
From there, we generally set up a meeting time for everybody to
leave the hotel and go to the tournament site.

10. Do we have to stay at the team hotel? 
In general yes. Most tournaments are what they call Stay- to -play tournaments which means they require teams to use their hotels and we need to set up so everyone is together. It makes things better for team unity, for logistics etc. also we usually have to contract for a certain number of rooms and that requires that everybody be in the same hotel also. We try to always stay in moderate-priced hotels ($90-$110) that have free breakfast (a big cost savings). Only in extremely special circumstances should anyone ever set up their own lodging.

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