Girl’s Teams

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 18-National Roster

Coach Zak Robben

Name#PositionHigh SchoolCommitted
Victoria Kauffman9SMonroeCommitted- Moravian College
Alexa Cacacie19MB/RSSouthern RegionalCommitted- Maine Maritime Academy
Shannon Monahan5MB/RSFreeholdCommitted- Keystone College
Gisela Rosa Cinko3L/DSMother SetonRutgers New Brunswick (Club)
Ashley Gundling13L/DSDonovan CatholicCommitted- UNC Asheville
Maddie White14OHPoint Pleasant BeachClemson University (Club)
Gabby Merced6OH/LSaint John VianneyComitted - Georgian Court University
Anne Mangoniello24OH/LSaint John VianneyCommitted - Tufts (Softball)
Ireland Beal7RSDonovan CatholicCommitted- OCC
Kassidy Utheim30MB/RSMonroeCommitted- Worcester Polytechnic Institute

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 18-Red Roster

Coach Jason Ulrich

Name#PositionHigh SchoolCommitted
Johanna Williams1OH/RSJackson MemorialSenior- Uncommitted
Savana Oliverio37OH/RSLaceyCommitted-OCC
Jenna Kwiecinski29MB/OHJackson MemorialVerbal- University of the Sciences
Rachel Beck4L/DSFreeholdSenior- Uncommitted
Gabriella Vito15OH/RSBrick MemorialCommitted- King's College
Katelyn Eckstein23OHRaritanSenior- Uncommitted
Yasminna Muhammad10OH/RSNorth 13th StreetCommitted- College of Saint Elizabeth
Nicole Robinson26MBNorth 13th Street2018- Uncommitted
Rhianne Gangemi8L/DSMonroe2017- Uncommitted
Vanessa Taday44DS/LNorth 13th StreetCommitted- William Paterson Univ.

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 17-National Black Roster

Coach Jason Madsen

Name#PositionHigh SchoolCommitted
Emma Trask15MBMonroe2017- Uncommitted
Shayna Saltzman2SJackson Liberty2017- Uncommitted
Tara Kokoszka12RS/OHOld Bridge2017- Uncommitted
Alexis Villalta17OH/RSJackson Liberty2017- Uncommitted
Jillian Fortier5OHSaint John Vianney2017- Uncommitted
Lauren Sabol24RS/OHSaint John Vianney2017- Uncommitted
Rebecca Morse11L/DSHowell2017- Uncommitted
Dana Zarillo6L/DSOld Bridge2017- Uncommitted
Pascal El-Khouri22MBBrick Memorial2017- Uncommitted
Sara Turkowitz31RS/OHMonroe2017- Uncommitted

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 17-National Red Roster

Coach Ron Dunn

Name#PositionHigh SchoolCommitted
Shannon Asta12MB/OHJackson Memorial2017- Uncommitted
Sarah Geissler36MBColts Neck2017- Uncommitted
Kacie Ros8SBridgewater2018- Uncommitted
Marisa Afonso19OH/RSOld Bridge2017- Uncommitted
Marissa Gregory34OH/DSOld Bridge2017- Uncommitted
Mackenzie Williams10OH/RSColonia2017- Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Pepe16RSWall2017- Uncommitted
Brennan Sisco1L/DSColts Neck2017- Uncommitted
Hannah Lee4L/DSMarlboro2017- Uncommitted
Mackenzie Briscoe7OH/RS/MBColts Neck2017- Uncommitted

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 17-Regional Roster

Coach Melanee Coleman

Name#PositionHigh SchoolCommitted
Klaire Wall13S/LRed Bank Catholic2017- Uncommitted
Alyssa Schnorrbush27OHMonroe2017- Uncommitted
Daria Centonza9RS/LTottenville (NY)St. Joseph's (Phil.) Club
Samantha Torregrossa25L/DSSaint John Vianney2017- Uncommitted
Shannon Gilmartin30OHColts Neck2017- Uncommitted
Maggie Oldakowski3MB/OHRed Bank Catholic2017- Uncommitted
Ghillian Ferraiola14S/DSColts Neck2017- Uncommitted
Courtney Pasterchick18MBColts Neck2017- Uncommitted
Alex Pastor20L/DSJackson Memorial2017- Uncommitted

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 16-National Roster

Coach Dan Sempkowski

Name#PositionHigh School
Amanda Dobrowolski6OH/RSRed Bank Catholic
Tara McDonald10OH/RSFreehold
Julia Blair16MB/RSRed Bank Catholic
Catherine Curtin13MB/RSRed Bank Catholic
Jadyn Simatos7MB/RSOld Bridge
Gabbie Perez5L/DSJackson Memorial
Olivia DeBonte21OH/LRumson Fair-Haven
Julianna Dancel1SFreehold
Celina Mendez27OH/RS/DSTottenville (NY)
Jennifer Famulary8MB/OH/RSRumson Fair-Haven

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 16-Regional 1 Roster

Coach Taylor Winchester

Name#PositionHigh School
Allie Allaimo24OHWall
Nicole Skotek22SJackson Liberty
Sarah Curtis15MBRed Bank Regional
Darby Kleinert23MBSaint John Vianney
Alyssa Sepe34MB/RSMonroe
Jessie Acosta18L/OHBrick
Amanda Zimmerman4L/DSEast Brunswick
Kaitlyn O'Neill33OHSaint John Vianney
Ciara Hoffman35OH/MBSaint John Vianney
Lexi Hickey12RSRumson Fair-Haven
Olivia Caruso3OHRumson Fair-Haven

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 16-Regional 2 Roster

Coach Jackie Riley/Ally Latourette

Name#PositionHigh School
Katelin Boak9MBRumson Fair Haven
Jackie Izzo11OHRed Bank Regional
Payton Mahoney2OHColts Neck
Emily Menck14L/SSaint John Vianney
Brittany Fersht33MB/SColts Neck
Courtney Klein17RSWall
Ella Campbell18OHRumson Fair Haven
Alexandra Bonanno19RSSt. Rose
Emily Whille20MBWall
Jessica Browne21L/DSRumson Fair Haven

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 15-National Roster

Coach Amanda & Kyle Strausbaugh

Name#PositionHigh School
Caroline Trevino27OH/RSBishop Ahr
Madeline Normoyle14L/DSSaint John Vianney
Grace Morris6L/DSMonroe
Madelina Eldrenkamp22MBOld Bridge
Laila Gaut4MBOld Bridge
Grace Thygeson37OH/RSRed Bank Catholic
Skyla DeRosa9OH/DSRed Bank Catholic
Zoe Deakyne29OH/RSSouthern Regional
Samantha Hansen42OH/RSWall
Madison Hansen41SWall

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 15-Regional 1 Roster

Coach Jackie Sweeney/Jess Sipili

Name#PositionHigh School
Rachel Gewirtz5MBFreehold
Jennifer Witt19OH/RSFreehold
Kristen Acosta21SBrick
Zoe Barry11DS/OHRumson Fair-Haven
Sarah Hempstead2RSColts Neck
Megan Judge12OHColts Neck
Laura Higgins15RSRumson Fair-Haven
Brianna Butkoff44MBColts Neck
Nicolette DeRosa13L/OHSaint John Vianney
Maria Smetannikov38OH/RSRutgers Prep

2015 – 2016 Girl’s 15-Regional 2 Roster

Coach Morgan Schewitzer/Ally Latourette

Name#PositionHigh School
Erin Hogan1S/RS/OHColts Neck
Allison Boschetti8RSFreehold
Caroline McManus7RS/OHRumson Fair-Haven
Hannah Perry36MBFreehold
Alexa Hopman17MB/DSMonroe
Kim Menck26DS/OHSaint John Vianney
Kate Korchak43OH/RSRumson Fair-Haven
Kate Gagliardi16SRumson Fair-Haven
Julia Burk28MBSaint John Vianney