Warren Sixpack Summer Program (boys and girls)

We’ll have a summer program for boys and girls at CBA on Sunday (afternoon/evening sessions), Monday and Tuesday evenings starting in June, and also boys on Sundays (morning/afternoon) at Sportsplex in Metuchen. There will also be a boys high school league at Sportsplex on Thursday evenings (space is limited, so get your requests in now!) starting in June.

The program will be very flexible to allow for vacations/etc. COST: $210 for 10 practice sessions ($10.50 per hour), $300 for 15 sessions ($10  per hour); $375 for 20 sessions ($9.37 per hour); Pay per session available if you reach your total and wish to attend more ($25 per session). EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Take $10 (10 Sessions), $15 (15), $25 (20) off if paid for by June 6.

TEAM SPECIAL: If 7 or more players from your high school team sign up for at least 10 sessions team gets free entrance to boys high school league on Thursday nights at Sportsplex (League cost: $200, mid-June to mid-August)

For more information, see the summer session flyers: Boys specific (with summer league): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R0drqxNqG5YX1ftjzVrorzH6m-2dlTv3_3SYqWzPdXA/edit#

Boys and girls: (CBA only) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JKL3NsfEqODasTb2pi7zkghR-QQ9IzjpIw2SVivX8R4/edit#heading=h.gjdgxs

Contact Fred (warrensixpackvolleyball@gmail.com) with any questions!